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Bungalow A-7. Price 185 300,00   Return     
A complete 95 sq m villa/bungalow in an attractive location.

Features a private patio which has been nicely landscaped with stone slabs, decorative shrubs, and a private pool (exclusive pools for bungalows no. 9 and 10; the others are shared by 2 bungalows each. The pools measure between 70 and 80 sq m).

The bungalow has much to offer: a large living room and adjoining open-plan kitchen with sliding doors opening onto the terrace, 3 large bedrooms, and 2 bathrooms. The ceiling is open to the apex, providing a spacious and airy feel.

A very attractive option for a large and active family, as it offers easy access to nearly everything right on the doorstep. The bungalow has direct access to the swimming pool.
Klikk på bildet for større bilde
Klikk på bildet for større bilde
Klikk på bildet for større bilde
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 Example pictures from ground floor and top floor: